Natalia Dance
Natalia Dance Natalia Dance is a event DJ, fire dancer entertainer. Her logo represents her style and hints at fire flames along with the music notes.
Cityscape Advertising
Cityscape Advertising This is for a cinema advertising company that wanted a futuristic feel with very simple color - so that it can be used over variety of backgrounds - Note: this is converted to white for dark backgrounds
Talk Back Live with Antoine Hawkins
Talk Back Live with Antoine Hawkins This logo was for a Hollywood talk back radio show. He wanted a simple logo to go with his new website and show.
Defy Gravity VIP training logo
Defy Gravity VIP training logo This is a special service log for Defy Gravity in Wales. Jamie wanted a logo for her new Pole VIP training service. So we used the metallic gold and a silhouette of her doing a pose near a pole!
Ultimate Krav Maga
Ultimate Krav Maga Trademarked Logo for the very successful Krav Maga instructional series
Mufutuli Ministries
Mufutuli Ministries Since this is for a Christian Ministry in Africa I wanted to incorporate the cross but not obviously. Also I included images of the African landscape, its founder, the orphans and also the Elephant (since the Elephant is the elephant is a symbol of knowledge and longevity).
Allure Dance & Fitness Studio
Allure Dance & Fitness Studio Using 3 silhouette images of Nicole The Pole cut out of boxes in her favorite colors I was able to provide her Studio logo that extra flare and individualism
CCM Onstage
CCM Onstage This logo is for the Talented Christopher Calvin Murphy - a playwright, journalist & actor. Thus the reason for using vintage/grudge typewriter letters into his favorite colored boxes.
Dooley Noted
Dooley Noted This is for a production company that wanted to DNA sequence incorporated within the logo. Plus how can I not do a logo for a fellow Dooley (funny thing is we are totally not related!)
Nicole the Pole Williams
Nicole the Pole Williams This logo is a silhouette of Nicole in one of her favorite colors. Super talented Pole performer & instructor - she needed a logo that reflected this and her other great talents.

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