Marketing your business is crucial to gaining new customers and retaining repeat customers. Here are 5 marketing essentials.

  1. Website – In today’s day and age every business needs a website. But not just any website! You need to have a website that represents your business in a professional manner, but also in must reflect your business. Your website needs to provide enough information so that your customers can get a clear picture of your products or services. This also comes down to content that ensures that your customers and web visitors keep coming back for more.

  2. Content Marketing – This is part of number 1. Having a great site is fabulous, but you need great content. This doesn’t have to be just news articles, but this can also be interesting videos, photos or other information that your target market needs or wants to see. If this is not your forte then think about outsourcing this to a marketer or a ghost writer.

  3. Social Media Marketing – Choosing the right social media outlets as important as having a social media profile for your business. If you target market is generation Y, then Twitter with its quick posts and constant conversation style will be better for your business. If your target is more late twenties and up then Facebook might be a better fit. Instagram is a great outlet for a business that is visual, such as products or visual arts/entertainment.

  4. Business card – The humble business card is not only that small piece of card you give out with your details, but it is a visual representation of you and your business. So choose it wisely! The next time you give out your business card to that person you just met at a social or networking event, know that you WILL be judged by it.

  5. Email Marketing – Email marketing is the art of sending email based newsletters to interested people, either clients/customers or prospective client/customers. There are many email newsletter portals -  mailchimp, constant contact, and icontact to name a few. But you need to make sure that your newsletters give information to your readers; otherwise they will just stop reading them and eventually unsubscribe from your list. Include advice, tips, new products, specials and deals, plus anything else that you may think your customers/clients might want to read about.

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