The weather is perfect, the golfing is sweet and your business is about to feel the pinch, unless you're the lucky few who own an ice cream stand or a pool supply business.  But it doesn't have to be all gloom and doom.  Right now is the perfect time to focus on retaining the customers you have and laying down some inroads towards those prospective customers.  

Spurky Design - summer bluesWe all know how hard it is to grab a new customer, the costs involved make it nearly impossible to break even.  That's why when you get'em…you keep'em!

So, let's talk about customer retention -

Don't be afraid to ask your existing customers to spread the word.  Maybe give your customers a perk.  A small incentive might be enough for them to talk to their family, co-workers, or spread the word on their social network.

Change things up this summer, reinvent yourself, take some risks, use this time to create new opportunities.  Maybe you could create a mystery seminar with a special guest only for your existing customers. Get the word out on your social media with a catchy web flyer that people want to share and add to their pinterest.

Change your image!  Keep your customers on their toes.  We are in a time where business stagnation is measured every month.  You might want to get your website updated or jazz up your homepage banners.

In the end don't let the summer stress you out, have fun with it and enjoy every day.

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